Branford Flotilla 2401
District 01SR - Division 24




Obtaining a Conservation ID number


Before a student takes the boating course, they must obtain a Connecticut Conservation Identification Number (ID).

Ø      If student has a Connecticut Hunting or Fishing License, their Conservation ID will be the same ID number that was assigned with their hunting or fishing license.

Ø      If student needs a Conservation ID number, they would go to : or going to: then click “Purchase a Hunting/Fishing License” and click the start button.  When they are in the system they would be prompted to do one of the following: Search by Conservation ID

a)      Search by conservation ID number-if they know their number, they would put it in to search themselves. If found their profile information will be displayed.

b)      Search by Personal Information- they will be prompted to put in their SS# or Drivers License number, their name and date of birth.

If they are found, their profile information will be displayed.

If they are not found, they would again be prompted to:

a)      Select here to register as a new customer and purchase a license

b)      *Select here to receive your conservation id only for an education course registration -this is the one they will want to get a new ID number.


Instructions for Student buying certificate


After taking the course, go to the Online Sportsman Licensing  by going to: or going to: then click “Purchase a Hunting/Fishing License” and click the start button. by Conservation ID

Ø      Search by conservation ID number- when they put in their ID number and date of birth it will bring them to their profiled information.

Ø      The student will hit next

Ø      Then the Boating tab on top- this will bring up anything they can purchase

Ø      Then Add- this will bring them to the final step, purchasing the certificate and printing it out.